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How To Photograph Your Work for SEOS

How To Photograph Your Work for SEOS Every year we receive a large number of images that require improvement before they can be published. Many of the problems could easily have been avoided if only a little more care had been taken at the outset. Before you photograph your work, think carefully about the 4cm [...]

Get ready to join SEOS

Sign Up for SEOS 2017 is now closed. The SEOS Application Checklist Your Name: This must be your own name or partnership names if entering as a partnership, but not a trade name. If you are adding post-nominal letters, the qualification must be art or craft related. Your studio address and phone number: [...]

No venue for SEOS?

No venue for SEOS? Every year we hear from artists who would love to take part in the event but don't have a suitable studio or workshop. The obvious answer is to share a venue with like-minded people. Shared studios also have the advantage of attracting more visitors than a solo studio. But how do [...]