Britta von Zweigbergk

I work within a wide range of materials. I like the feeling of clay but also enjoy pencil , charcoal and pastels. The human form and face continue to absorb me

Susana Garcia

My ceramic work is wheel-thrown or hand-built in stoneware and porcelain, inspired by my love for pattern, colour and nature.

Tina Hutton

The colours and textures produced by the chemical fusion of glazes and oxides in high fired ceramics continues to challenge me and makes every piece unique

Celia David

I am a ceramist I work primarily with porcelain. I create sculptural and functional pieces using slabs and moulds. These are glazed with often layers of slip.

Clara Castner

I make ceramic vases to compliment different types of flowers. Each one is made of porcelain, and carved by hand, making each one unique.

Helen Ashton

Decorative sculptures and functional vessels taking inspiration from natural forms - enhancing colours and texture using various clays, smoke or raku firings.

Jane Richardson

A gallery bursting with functional and sculptural ceramics. Come and experience your very own'pottery throw down'!

Julia Hilton

I make jugs, mugs, teapots and bowls from wrapped slabs of clay that inhabit your daily domestic space. Glazes are inspired by lichen covered tree bark.

Tony Foard

Figurative and thrown ceramics in raku and stoneware together with wall pieces and photographs.

Nick Winter

I work mainly in stoneware and porcelain with brush painting. My style has far eastern influence and I will be demonstrating Chinese brush painting on request.

Sally Grafton

Bright & beautiful functional ceramics. My pots are thrown in stoneware clay and decorated with brushwork and brightly coloured slips.

Claire Keane

Exotic ceramics, inspired by my visits to India. Individually hand-made, coiled and slab-built from white earthenware:lanterns, incense dishes and pots