/Cranbrook Heathfield & Hastings

Peter M Clarke

Inspired by the flora and fauna around me, I use elements of these for symbolism, form and texture when creating my garden sculptures in copper or steel.

Celia David

I am a ceramist I work primarily with porcelain. I create sculptural and functional pieces using slabs and moulds. These are glazed with often layers of slip.

Peter Quin

Working from my own teaching workshop, the Furniture Craft School, I make commissioned pieces of fine furniture to the highest standards.

Alex Leadbeater

Give your wall a sea view - buy the sea by inch, yard or nautical mile. Energetic waves or tranquil shores. Paintings, prints and cards and have-a-go sessions.

Alison Trask

My work is characterised by striking colours which I use to create dramatic effect in my depictions of the Sussex, Kent and North Devon coast and countryside.

Susan Donkin

I paint in various media. Subjects include people, animals and landscapes. Also collagraphs and monoprints. A rich mixture of colours. Cards available.

Julia Hilton

I make jugs, mugs, teapots and bowls from wrapped slabs of clay that inhabit your daily domestic space. Glazes are inspired by lichen covered tree bark.

Lucy Brennan Shiel

Art is my learning journey since childhood. It is a joy to share it through open studios as a maker and teacher. Art is for everybody. We are all artists.

Stephanie Fawbert

Fawbert paints vibrant and colourful watercolours and oil paintings. Subjects include local landscapes, seascapes, portraits and children at play.

Dominic Zwemmer

Working with charcoal and pencil, I have a passion for wildlife and wild places. I'm also inspired by the variety of marks that can be made with burnt wood.

Joanna Sheldon

Material matters: I'm most interested in texture and revealing the gestures of the making hand in ink, clay or colour - mostly oil colour in all its juicy range

David Donkin

I work in gouache, watercolour and mixed media. Paintings and collagraphs, very graphic. Giclée prints and cards available.