Martin Ingham

I paint ships sailing on seascape suggested by the wood grain of driftwood & oils of landscapes & buildings, searching for patterns, rhythms & juxtapositions.

Cécile Boswell Brown

Painting is my escape from a busy life.

Sadie Meadows

I paint in all media, drawing inspiration from the garden and nature around me.

Tanya Paulo

Figurative oil painter; produces landscapes, portraits and still life using traditional and contemporary techniques. A daily painter and urban sketcher.

Katie Wilson

Inspired by nature and the local landscape, my work incorporates fresh mark making, lively drawings and paintings.

Mike Flight

I consider myself lucky, having enjoyed a lifelong interest and involvement in Art and Design, which has given me a career and now a passion to create more...

Sarah Abercrombie Jones

Exploring drawing, printmaking, collage and combinations of these. Inspired by nature, memories of place and abstract ideas.

Lynda Bell-Mann

I work in watercolour, using ink to add impact and definition to the finished paintings. At the moment my passions are animal art and portraiture.

Alison Trask

My work is characterised by striking colours which I use to create dramatic effect in my depictions of the Sussex, Kent and North Devon coast and countryside.

Susan Donkin

I paint in various media. Subjects include people, animals and landscapes. Also collagraphs and monoprints. A rich mixture of colours. Cards available.

Shiv Duke

Exploring the lines and shapes of the human body and natural forms in drawing and paint are still taking me on voyages of discovery.

Lucy Brennan Shiel

Art is my learning journey since childhood. It is a joy to share it through open studios as a maker and teacher. Art is for everybody. We are all artists.