Deborah Humm


  SEOS Interview Deborah Humm (SEOS Artist)   Lines of Thought   Deborah Humm makes installations, working with words, drawings, experimental films, sculptures and conceptual artworks as an enquiry into the internal (mis)communication between brain and body and the resulting external manifestations, having MS these are experienced on a daily basis.  Articulating the physical [...]

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Maria Turner


  SEOS Interview Maria Turner (SEOS Artist)   Azure Lands My current practice is painting and, depending on setting and theme, the work can take various forms and directions. I use a combination of media for painting, including oil, acrylic and commercial dyes. I like to prepare my own canvases and enjoy [...]

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Mark Welland


  SEOS Interview Mark Welland (SEOS Artist and Web Editor) BRANCHING OUT One of the great things about being part of the South East Open Studios is the opportunity to meet people. Over the years that I have taken part it has been a real pleasure to chat with visitors who express their interest [...]

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Jamie Walsh


  SEOS Interview Jamie Walsh (SEOS Artist and Chair)   I joined South East Open Studios seven years ago, and I have opened my studio every year since that first entry. My route in was perhaps circuitous. I hadn’t explored visual art at all as an adult (courtesy of a particularly yelly art teacher [...]

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