Gesina Triggs

Vibrant paintings in oil and watercolour inspired by the beauty of nature and the people I love.

Ann Bridges

Paintings and original prints (stencil-based relief Printmaking). Browse through observational drawing projects and sketchbooks. Commissions welcomed.

Rod McIntosh

I am an ink painter. With a restricted monochrome pallet, my work is striking & minimal in appearance, each the embodiment of a gestural flow with the breath.

Rebecca Alice

I enjoy illustrating in a realistic style, working mainly with ink and watercolour. Capturing domestic animals, wildlife and nature. Commissions Welcome.

Jane Molineaux Boon

Paintings exploring colour and light of people and natural forms captured in oils and acrylics. Commissions welcome.

Judy Goodman

Original fine art paintings and prints of an Equestrian theme. Commissions of horses and other animals also undertaken.

Elaine Thompson

Exhibits and carries out adult and childrens print workshops for Kent Wildlife Trust. A playful exploration of print, drawing and collage. Work for sale.

Dawn Wallis

My subjects really don't favour any order as such. I call myself a stubborn artist. Once I found myself an idea or object for a painting I just can't rest until

Sue Taylor-Lowen

Paintings & light hearted illustrative work in mixed media.

Andrea Coltman

As a figurative painter I am fascinated by personalities; the many layers that make a person. Interrogating ‘what lies beneath?’ underpins my work.

Dominique Morgan

My love of colour and texture expressed through paintings and textiles. Nuno-felt scarves, wall hangings, felt jewellery and pots. Commissions welcomed.

Emily Autumn Goddard

Vibrant detailed acrylic paintings inspired by nature with a quirky edge. Prints available