SEOS Interview

Deborah Humm (SEOS Artist)


Lines of Thought

Deborah Humm makes installations, working with words, drawings, experimental films, sculptures and conceptual artworks as an enquiry into the internal (mis)communication between brain and body and the resulting external manifestations, having MS these are experienced on a daily basis.  Articulating the physical sometimes profound and random effects through visual and auditory means and heightening the awareness of this to others.  Humm tries to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way.

Capturing and elongating the moment, enabling the nanosecond between bodily Sensation and Action enter our comprehension.  Interpreting the internal synapse journey of the signal, the code, into a visual context.

Breaking language to reform it, but into what…

Creating bodily seismographic drawings, using her drawing technique Humm exposes her biorhythms.  Layering these individual Snowflakes, in various formats, to represent the cacophony of thought and overstimulation.


What is your training and back ground?

After completing my BA in Fine Art, I was awarded the Elfriede Windsor Scholarship to continue directly onto a Fine Art Masters at the University of Creative Arts in Canterbury, Kent. I have exhibited extensively, running events and workshops, I also havepoetry books within collections in Kent and Leeds.My latest workshop ran during: The Portrait of your Brain course, developed by The Centre of Regenerative Medicine: Anne Rowling clinic in Edinburgh, I delivered my drawing technique. I am in the process of completing the Level 2 Counselling Skills CPCAB course and have been accepted onto the Level 3, with a view to use my personal insights and training to help people via art as therapy.


Have you participated in Open Studios before, if so, what are the best bits of getting involved in SEOS? (or are hoping for, if this is your first time)

 I have not participated in the SEOS before.  I’m hoping to meet people that are interested in art, having enlightening dialogue and maybe selling…

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on a 3D piece for an AVA exhibition in July at Dungeness Power Station, deconstructing a snowflakeinspired by the location into Acrylic, which is quite exciting.

And 3D Snowflake drawings, representing the notionthat some thoughts don’t get finished, incomplete ideas that fill our minds and whirl at night creating that thug of white noise.  The throw away thought.

What inspires you?

Playing with materials and ideas, my internal mishaps and breakdowns.  Laughter, my daughter, research and learning. Assuring and encouraging people that anyone can draw!

Quotes:  Picasso once said, ‘Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life

‘Drawing is taking a line for a walk’ as Paul Klee put it.

If you can write you can draw’ Dov Fedler

How do you keep yourself fresh and your skills updated?

Continual research and online courses. I’m a member of the AVA-Ashford Visual Artists.  Visits to galleries and creative thinking.

Do you work best on your own or in collaboration?

I work mainly on my own, but am not averse to teaming up, I’ve run many a workshop and value others input.

When and where can we see more of your work?

Lets Discuss Disability – Thought Foundation – Birtley, Newcastle – May-June

Strange Beauty – AVA – Dungeness Power Station Visitor Centre July-Aug

Summer Showcase Artist Books – Uni of Kent Special Collection – British Academy – June



Deborah is exhibiting in Smallhythe Studios in Tenterden during SEOS 2019.