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For Artists – About SEOS

Now in its 22nd year, South East Open Studios is one of the finest open studios events in one of the most beautiful areas of the UK. Promoted by a beautifully-produced booklet and advertised in the South East, the event is a draw for creative people of all ages. Hundreds of artists open their work spaces to exhibit their art, and for many it is the premier opportunity to bring out into the light the art created throughout the year, a chance to meet the public, talk to fellow artists and to sell their work.


Artists’ sign-up starts in December, and the cost for the two-week event is £130 per member. All artists who sign up before December the 19th will be eligible for the Early Bird sign-up of £105.*

* Please note that only entries date-stamped on or before the 19th of December will be accepted for the Early Bird offer, and only if the images have been uploaded and the fees paid 48 hours after you receive the date-stamped sign-up email. Make sure you check your inbox after you’ve registered!

How to Register

All application forms will be held for 48 hours to allow for images to be sent in and for fees to be paid. After this time the application form will be deleted and the registration process will need to start again.

It is a very good idea to ensure that you have everything you need before starting your registration:
  • Details of when you will be open
  • Image in the correct format (see below)
  • Internet banking

Once you have registered, you will be sent an email with the instructions for payment and how to upload your image. The 48 hours starts when the email is sent so don’t worry if it doesn’t come through immediately.

If you are ready, simply click on the ‘REGISTER HERE’ button (visible after 1/12/18) and start your journey to becoming a SEOS member…


In accordance with new data protection regulations, members who sign up to SEOS will receive email newsletters from us. Data from sign-up is kept solely for the purpose of SEOS.

Registration available 1st December 2018