Information for Members

information for members

We hope you will use this website throughout the year. Add it to your bookmarks and visit regularly for News Stories, Featured Artists, Open Studio Tips and Artist Updates.

Need Help or Advice?

Contact details for your local area coordinator and the management team can be found here on the website. If you are unsure who to contact, please use General Enquiries.

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What You Get

In addition to your guide entry you have a personal web page that will remain online until the end of November of the following year. Your web page has it’s own news update facility where you can add information such as as forthcoming exhibitions etc. Your updates will also be shown on the home page for a limited time.

SEOS Members Info

Support Us

Our entry fees do not cover all the costs. SEOS is grateful for support from local authorities and other funding bodies, and advertisers.

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SEOS Publicity

We strongly recommend that you keep in touch with your local area coordinator and follow the advice on opening your studio in Rules, Guidelines, hints and tips (available on the members downloads page). SEOS covers a very wide area and there is a limit to what the management team can cover, so local initiative makes a big difference to the success of your opening. When you apply for local publicity please let our publicity officer know (details can be found on the Contact page). SEOS will be sending out general press releases (also found on general downloads page) promoting the event as a whole but would appreciate the additional mailing of press releases by artists. The publicity officer also has a media contacts database and can offer you support and contacts with your press releases.

We are not a promotional company. We have a limited budget for ‘general’ advertising and cannot be responsible for the promotion of each individual entrant. We need the support and promotion of every participant if we are to become known and recognised by the public as one of the finest ways to experience art and craft in the South East.

Public Liability Insurance

In the past we have obtained PLI for up to £1,000,000 for artists on the days they are open. Although every endeavour will be made to obtain PLI in the future, this is by no means certain so artists are advised to check their own insurance before the event. Whether or not we have been able to obtain PLI will be published in the member’s Newsletter (also found on members downloads page). The PLI will not cover openings or other events at other times of the year. It covers accidents caused by negligence, for example leaving something on the ground over which a visitor trips and injures himself. An artist would deal directly with the insurer, not through the management team, and there is a £250 excess for damages paid by the claiming artist.

Public Liability Insurance
Excess for damages paid by the claiming artist

Members Downloads

In Members Downloads there are many useful items that you can download and print including application forms, letterheads, arrows and posters.

Members Downloads

Open Studio Tips

Be seen, be found – use all your supplied posters and create your own personalised posters. Use all your direction arrows and print more if necessary (available on the downloads page). On fast roads use two or three arrows together. Be a good SEOS participant – fill in visitor forms, at the end tell your Area Coordinator how things have gone, above all be there at your stated times.

  • Keep your visitors – offer drinks and be available
  • Get publicity – use Parish magazines, local papers and ask shops to put up your posters.
  • Promote Guides – check they are in local libraries, put them in local attractions.
  • Promote yourself – no one else will, have a visitors’ book
  • Personal invitations – and private views pay
  • Collaborate with other local artists – ask them to supply directions on to you, have joint posters and publicity
  • Be careful – make your environment safe, warn of unavoidable hazards.
  • Visit other studios, and most of all have fun!

SEOS Participant Feedback

We hope our members enjoy participating in SEOS. Feedback is much appreciated and will help us in future years. Artists can fill in on online feedback form or go to our Artist Downloads page for a printable version. Forms submitted by 1 July 2015 will be entered into a free prize draw.

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