SEOS Database Officer

By staff, 1 February, 2024
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SEOS is looking for a database officer who loves detail and is passionate about the arts. 

South East Open Studios (SEOS) is a not for profit organisation that exists to encourage public interest in the visual arts across the whole of the South East. The aim is to enable all artists and makers in Kent, East Sussex and the Surrey borders, to engage with their communities and connect with art lovers, through one of the biggest and best open studios events in the UK.

Our vision is to enable artists and makers to forge connections and develop meaningful relationships that will establish them and their practice within their communities and the wider arts arena.

The main responsibility of the Data Manager is the collation and management of artist data and images, database maintenance and management of information distribution in line with GDPR. The data manager is expected to attend all meetings throughout the year.

Experience and skills
– Good eye for details and catching inconsistencies and errors.
– Experience with Excel spreadsheets and Word programs, or Google Sheets and Google
– A basic understanding of digital image quality (image file types, image resolution and image
– Experience working with Dropbox systems, or willingness to learn and use a shared file
management system.
– Ability to communicate with Members and ACOs to clarify errors as required.
– Basic image retouching skills beneficial but not required.

Work pattern and role responsibilities
Prior to registration (usually September – November)
– Work with the Web Editor to create and develop a registration form each year to collect artist information.
– Creation of a ‘live’ database spreadsheet for all artist information to be stored centrally and manage access for SEOS team members in line with GDPR protection.
– Preparation of an accessible filing system within the South East Open Studios Dropbox system for incoming data and images.

During registration period (usually November – January)
– Input all text data for each application as the registration form responses arrive.
– Check all application data for errors and formatting issues. Re-format fields that have been
entered incorrectly on the application as necessary.
– Check that all data entries (studio address and directions, studio information) for grouped
members is consistent – liaise with the group’s ACO if there are errors that need clarifying.
– Download and review all artist-submitted images and check for errors (e.g. broken or
incorrect image file types). Contact individual members and request larger image file sizes
if the Guide image is too small for print.
– Check and re-format image filenames if they are submitted incorrectly.
– Manage the image database organisation (usually 1000+ images) – organised into
individual artist subfolders and any other image separation required.
– Follow up with individual members or their ACOs for clarification on any outstanding errors
(e.g. incorrect image uploaded, incomplete information given, incorrect email addresses)

Between end of registration period and start of the event (usually February – May)
– Format and provide information to various committee members as required, including creation of additional spreadsheets or word documents with selective data for the Social Media team, Guide Designer and Area Coordinators as requested.
– Manage the ‘Guide Entry Proof’ form returns and make corrections to the data as requested by the members. Update all relevant team members on the changes made.
– Work with the Guide Designer to manage and deliver data in the required format for transferring to the Guide.
– Assist the Web Editor in preparing data in the correct formats for upload to the Artwork Archive system.
– Assist the Web Editor in making necessary changes and corrections to information on the Artwork Archive database once uploaded / at artist request.


This is a voluntary role with an annual honorarium of £600, paid in two instalments.

To apply for this role, please submit a brief covering letter and cv to the Chair of SEOS at