SEOS Social Media Officer – Back End

By staff, 19 January, 2024
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Join the SEOS Committee as a Social Media Officer and be a critical part of the team to help make SEOS one of the biggest and best Open Studios events in the UK. 

South East Open Studios (SEOS) is a not for profit organisation that exists to encourage public interest in the visual arts across the whole of the South East. The aim is to enable all artists and makers in Kent, East Sussex and the Surrey borders, to engage with their communities and connect with art lovers, through one of the biggest and best open studios events in the UK.

Our vision is to enable artists and makers to forge connections and develop meaningful relationships that will establish them and their practice within their communities and the wider arts arena.

We run key campaigns before and during recruitment and in the lead up to the event, and we use our platforms to keep SEOS ‘front of mind’ throughout the year. We encourage our artists and makers to use Social Media to their advantage and promote themselves, and the event, to drive visitor numbers and interest. Our feed usually comprises a mixture of ‘in-house’ created branded content, reposts of artwork from our members and occasionally non-SEOS posts that are relevant to our artists (i.e. out of area competitions etc.).

There are two Social Media Officers working together as a team, which comprises a ‘front-end’ Engagement Officer and a ‘back-end’ Content Manager. The Content Manager is responsible for creating the social media content for the feeds, scheduling campaign posts using Buffer, setting up and controlling the paid advertising campaigns and assisting in public facing engagement where needed.

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Developing creative and engaging social media content.
  • Joint monitoring and analysis of SEOS social media (primarily Instagram, Facebook and X (Twitter)) performance and analytics, such as reach, engagement, and conversions, to identify areas for improvement and optimise content strategies.
  • Working with the designer to prepare on-brand content to enhance social media posts and visual content.
  • Working together as a social media team to outline a social media plan for the year and identify key campaign dates and requirements.
  • Monitoring the email address.
  • Working with the Committee and Treasurer to establish a social media advertising budget and how it can be most effectively used.
  • Liaising as a social media team to design eye-catching visual campaigns and manage their roll-out at key points during the year.
  • Manage social media content calendar and scheduling tools to ensure consistent posting and timely delivery of content – our major campaigns are scheduled in advance using Buffer and will need monitoring when active.
  • Assisting with ‘front-end’ engagement when needed / during busy periods (i.e. during campaigns and the event).
  • Set up and manage payment for targeted campaigns at recruitment and for event promotion using Facebook’s Meta Business Suite and Advertising Centre.
  • Co-writing the social media report for the Annual Report at the end of the SEOS year.
  • Working with the committee on all aspects of South East Open Studios.

Experience using 3rd party social media scheduling websites such as Buffer, managing paid campaigns on social media would be highly beneficial. Experience using graphics programs and software such as Canva or the Adobe Suite would also be beneficial but not essential, as you will be working with our in-house designer.


This is a voluntary role with an annual honorarium of £820, paid in two instalments.

To apply for this role, please submit a brief covering letter and cv to the Chair of SEOS at