For 2023 we are as keen as ever to make the available funds work as hard as they can to benefit our members. To help, the SEOS guide proof for this year is via this online digital PDF proof.


The proof has been divided into the regional sections.

Please check both your map location and details on your page carefully to ensure the information you supplied is as expected. Please note the map can only be approximate at this scale. Your ‘what3words’ link should direct to your exact location.


We require ALL members to confirm they are happy with their proof by completing the form opposite/below. If you have no changes, please complete your name and email and submit the form so that we know that you have checked your proof.


Each link below will open in a new window. Please return to this page to complete your proof submission.








Congratulations … you are now a member of South East Open Studios, one of the biggest and best open studios events in the UK. We are delighted to have you on board.

‘I am a SEOS 2023 Artist’ Graphics

You can download these ready-made ‘I am a SEOS 2023 Artist‘ posts to share on your social media…Let people know that you’re taking part in South East Open Studios 2023!

Click to view and download the overlay PNG files below:

How to download on a phone:

1. Tap on the overlay image to open it at full size on a ‘black’ background.

2. Tap and hold on the image.

3. Tap ‘save image’ or ‘download image’ on the menu that pops up and it will save the image to the photos on your phone.

How to download on a computer:

1. Click on the overlay image to open it at full size on a ‘black’ background.

2. Right click on the full size image and choose ‘Save As’, then save it to your files.

Please DO NOT ‘save as’ from the thumbnails below – this will not download a full size image and the result will be pixelated!

Graphics for your own work

If you want to use our ‘I am a SEOS 2023 Artist‘ branding but would rather show your own work, you can download our SEOS 2023 overlays – there are several different colour options so you can pick whichever suits your work best. You don’t need expensive software or lots of technical know-how to be able to create your own SEOS overlay image either – we’ve put together some how-to videos to help.

How do I make my own graphics overlay?

Not sure how to create an image with your own work and our overlay? You can use almost any design software, or if you do not have design software, you can use Canva ( for free.

How to create an overlay image using Canva:

How to create an overlay image in Photoshop or other design software:

Social Media

Social Media has huge potential in the art world for expanding the reach of the artist, developing a global community and evolving your art journey, and even helping artists with sales! We encourage our artists and makers to have an active presence on social media – especially Instagram. It’s a visual platform and a great way to get your work out to a wider audience, and to connect with other artists and makers. It‘s also a great way for US to connect with you and help promote your work, events, shows and to celebrate your artistic achievements and awards to our many followers and supporters!

We want to encourage even more of our artists onto social media, so have written step-by-step guides for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to help get artists started.

These are available to members here:

We do as much as we can to promote all our members across our platforms; promoting your events, reposting other ongoing work and celebrating your awards and successes. We will always tag you (where possible) and link back to your page on our website.

In return we need your involvement:

  • Make sure you are following us (@seopenstudios) on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Engage with our posts (your ‘likes’, comments and reposts/ shares help our posts reach more art lovers and connect you with the local art community)
  • Respond to requests for additional imagery and information so that we can keep our feeds interesting, relevant, and up to date
  • Use our branded social media-ready posts with your own artwork, to announce that you have signed up to and will be taking part in SEOS 2023
  • Use our brand hashtags (see below!) so we can find you and your new posts more easily

Using Social Media

Hashtags are key on Instagram – they’re how other people find your work, and how you can attract the right kinds of audiences. If you get stuck, or don’t know what hashtags to use, take look at the hashtags that other artists in your field are using. Each Instagram post allows up to a maximum of 30 hashtags, so make the most of the opportunity to reach wider audiences and get tagging!

Below are some of the hashtags that we use on our posts to help promote South East Open Studios and our artists. Whilst our hashtags are fairly broad, and don’t allude to any specific medium, you can, and should, tailor your tags to suit your practise.

Top tip: Try and avoid using very broad hashtags like ‘#art’, as your work will likely get lost amongst the millions of new posts also tagged ‘art’.

#SouthEastOpenStudios #SEOSartist #SouthEastOpenStudios2023 #SEOS2023 #seopenstudios #openstudios #artinkent #artinsussex #kentartists #sussexartists #kentart #sussexart #whatsoninkent #whatsoninsussex #kentmakers #sussexmakers #artevent #kentevents #sussexevents #artshow #callingallartists #callingallmakers #kent #sussex #eastsussex #KentCreatives #SussexCreatives #supportthearts #Supportlocalartists #Supportlocalart #KentandSussex #WhatsOnKent #WhatsOnSussex #ThingstodoinKent #ThingstodoinSussex #SummerinKent #SummerinSussex #celebrateart #kentartshow #sussexartshow #artforall #ArtLife #UKArtists #ArtCollectors #emergingartists #supportartists #artistshelpingartists #artistsonInstagram #artonIG #artoninstagram #makersoninstagram

Getting noticed on Instagram

Whilst engagement and ‘getting noticed’ is never guaranteed on social media, you can increase your chances by using a variety of strategies. Start by making your profile cohesive and creative – develop your style and create a consistent look across your page. Make sure to use a high-quality and eye-catching profile picture, write a professional bio, and include a link to your website or portfolio. When it comes to increasing engagement, you get out what you put in – so be sure to use relevant hashtags, comment on and like other artist’s posts, and try to write engaging captions for your posts. You can also use Instagram stories and reels to showcase your artwork and reach a larger audience. Finally, if it suits you and your work, consider collaborating with other artists or galleries and share each other’s work to increase your visibility.

We have a lot of members every year, and unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to check new uploads from every single member, so an easy way for us to find your posts is if you use the hashtags #SEOSartist #SEOS2023 or #seopenstudios23. This will really help us to beat the algorithm, find your new posts and promote your work. We especially ask that you use the #SEOSartist hashtag if you choose to post one of our overlay images – it’s a great way to spread the word about SEOS and promote your involvement in our 2023 event!

Finally – if you have something to promote (i.e., a gallery show, event, published article, award etc.) please don’t hesitate to drop us a direct message (DM) on social media so we can share your post about it and celebrate with you!

If you would like to talk to the Social Media team, please email SEOS Social Media Officers (Polly B & Jess):

SEOS Logos

You are welcome to use the SEOS logo in promotional images of your own work to promote yourself and the event. There are a variety of versions and formats available, please download the set and select the one that suits your needs.

Whilst we love that you want to show off your membership, we ask that you please do not use our official South East Open Studios logo as a profile picture on social media. This is so that our official social media pages can be found and recognised without any confusion.

If you have any questions, please contact us:


Large 1500 pixels (ideal for small print) – View
Small 300 pixels (ideal for email and your website) – View

Large 1500 pixels (ideal for small print) – View
Small 300 pixels (ideal for email and your website) – View

.ZIP file includes Large (ideal for large print. 7MB)– Download


We produce a regular newsletter that goes to our mailing list of over 1,000 artists and art lovers. Make sure you are signed up to our Mailing List, and that you put in your contacts list so that you receive it in your inbox.

If you have signed up and are not receiving any SEOS communications, please check your spam or junk folders before contacting us.

We have a ‘Members Area’ in the newsletter where our members can promote themselves or any special events, so do send us material for this if you are interested in being featured.

Insurance Cover

We are planning once again, as we did last year, to take out a policy that will provide SEOS with Public Liability Insurance. Even though there is no specific legal requirement, this is something we consider worthwhile and appropriate for the time that SEOS 2023 is running (2 – 18 June). It is important to note that this is specifically for SEOS and as you are inviting people into your studios, we would encourage you to consider taking out public liability insurance for yourselves so that you are covered for any personal damages or injuries. We recommend A-N The Artists Information Company ( who charge £38 for 12 months individual cover.


SEOS is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to enable all artists and makers in Kent, East Sussex and the Surrey borders to engage with their communities and connect with art lovers, through one of the biggest and best open studios events in the UK. To learn more about our mission and values, download the South East Open Studios Constitution here.


Annual Reports


ANNUAL REPORT 2021 (pdf)

ANNUAL REPORT 2020 (pdf)

ANNUAL REPORT 2019 (pdf)