SEOS Chair



1. Position
The Chair is elected by the membership at the AGM or by the committee as per the Constitution and serves for a two-year tenure (but can be re-elected for a further term).

2. Main Functions
To preside over all meetings of the committee and ensure that its business is conducted in a fair and orderly fashion.
Outside of committee, the Chair is expected to act as the organisation’s head representative to the outside world and as its spokesperson.
Liaise and advise on all external partnerships and co-working agreements. To convene and chair the AGM.
To manage main incoming SEOS email address
To approve all copy that goes out to the public.

3. Experience, Facilities and Skills
It is expected that the applicant will have proven previous experience of committee work. In addition, the successful candidate will demonstrate
i. an ability to conduct both small and large meetings.
ii. organisational and leadership skills.
iii. good communication skills.
iv. the ability to solve problems, enthuse and encourage others.
v. a passion and appreciation for the arts and what SEOS stands for.

4. Work Pattern1


Chair the first Committee meeting of the year.
Plan for the year to be discussed and agreed, including budget and publicity strategy. November
Chair a pre-recruitment Committee meeting.


Manage emails assisting the application process.


Chair a post-application committee meeting.


Chair a guide proofing meeting.


Visit some of the Open Studios.


Chair the AGM.
Write an SEOS Annual Report as Chair, and collate all Committee Officers Reports, Financial Statements and Event Evaluation.

Throughout the year

  1. Writing an agenda for and conducting approximately six committee meetings throughout the year.
  2. To write an introduction to the Guide in March.
  3. To contribute to the newsletter as required.
  4. To reply to the e-mails that come to the Chair inbox
  5. To adjudicate on any problems.
  6. The Chair is expected to attend functions and meetings in their capacity as head of theorganisation throughout the year.
  7. To uphold the constitution.

5. Honorarium

£920 per annum in two installments.

1  – It is important to note that this might be subject to change depending on need, for example some meetings may be usefully omitted, and others might be inserted depending on whether the Chair and Committee need them.