Lesley Newton

A vibrant collection of fused glass. Abstract in nature and offering varying colours, textures and designs in a variety of sizes.

Rebecca Laister

My love of glass can be traced back to early childhood memories of cranberry glass and an emerald goblet that my mother had in her window; I loved the colours!

Hildegard Pax

Unique artworks and colour-changing jewellery in glass.

Beverley Bunn

I create fused glass wall art, sculpture, jewellery & gifts from my home studio. I also run fusing workshops, take commissions and sell through Nucleus Arts.

Peter Harvey

Kilnformed formed glass, using various techniques such as kiln carving with metal inclusions and in particular stained glass layering effects.

Sarah Sillibourne

Kiln formed glass produced using a variety of techniques, from large wall art, platters, vessels to jewellery.

Brenda Norrish

Kingfisher Glass - traditional stained glass, some kiln fired painted glass. Mirrors, windows etc. Work inspired by nature and colour. Commissions welcome.

Beverly Russell

Colourful fused glass decorative items. I also hand make unique non-metallic jewellery using classic bead weaving and Chinese and Celtic knotting.

Hilary Shields

Brightly coloured decorative and functional kiln-formed glass.

Victoria Lucas Roberts

I am influenced by the colour and form of the Venetian glass makers based on the Island of Murano.

Fred Hollick

I am inspired by nature, by the simplicity that builds to complexity, by the variability of light that changes perception and by the etiology of behaviour.

Paul Chave

A new collection of contemporary work including art glass, photography, paintings, prints and cards.